Our 78th season is here! We are looking forward to a summer with you!

VIP & Line Pass Cards

The Osprey VIP Card 2024

The Osprey VIP Card

Introducing the 2024 Season VIP Cards at The Osprey! With this exclusive pass, cardholders enjoy the privilege of skipping the line and receiving complimentary entry throughout the entire season. The VIP Card allows the owner to bring one guest, granting both the luxury of bypassing the line, though the cover charge must be paid at the door for the guest.

As an added benefit, cardholders receive the first opportunity to renew their VIP status for the following summer. It's important to note that VIP Cards are non-transferable and can only be utilized by the registered owner. Any unauthorized use of the card may result in confiscation and the cancellation of VIP membership by The Osprey. Elevate your experience and secure your VIP status for an unforgettable season of festivities!

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The Osprey Line Pass Card

Embrace the convenience of The Osprey's Line Pass card—an exclusive single-use privilege for cardholders to seamlessly bypass the line. This specialized card ensures a swift entrance for the owner, offering a hassle-free experience.

While the Line Pass card grants access to skip the line, it's important to note that cover charges are applicable and must be paid at the door by the cardholder. This feature provides an opportunity for cardholders to dive straight into the vibrant energy of The Osprey's festivities without any delay.

The Osprey VIP Card 2024